NBBC Conservative Team

The Conservative Team and Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council are there to stand up and fight for the residents of Nuneaton and Bedworth, no matter which ward the members represent. It is their job to present a vision of the Borough under a Conservative administration and help residents with any issue that may arise. We will not only take on our own residents issues, but if a residents from any other ward is not getting effective representation from their Councillor then we are more than prepared to provide a voice for you on your behalf.

All of the different services that the Council provides have been divided up amongst our Group and it is our job to monitor and, where appropriate, oppose the actions of the controlling Labour Party:

  • Leader of the Opposition and Shadow Portfolio Holder for Finance and Civic Affairs - Cllr Kris Wilson
  • Deputy Leader of the Opposition and Shadow Portfolio Holder for Planning and Regeneration - Cllr Clare Golby
  • Shadow Portfolio Holder for Central Services and Refuse - Cllr Julian Gutteridge
  • Shadow Portfolio Holder for Arts, Leisure and Economic Development - Cllr Damon Brown
  • Shadow Portfolio Holder for Housing, Health and Communities - Cllr RIchard Smith