The Borough’s ruling Labour Cabinet has identified nine areas of countryside which might be included in the Borough Plan. That means areas on which developers will be free to build thousands of houses, together with shops and associated infrastructure.

Local MPs ‘Delighted’ by Maternity Decision

Nuneaton MP Marcus Jones and North Warwickshire MP Dan Byles have strongly welcomed the decision by The Arden Cluster that they are to scrap a consultation that could have seen maternity and other related services at the George Eliot axed.

Marcus to Hold Supermarket Surgery at ASDA

Marcus Jones, the Member of Parliament for Nuneaton, will be holding his supermarket surgery at ASDA on Friday 16th March 2012. The first supermarket surgery took place on Friday 27 January followed by a further surgery on Friday 17th February, both have been well received by the store’s customers.   


Conservative Plan For 3% Tax Cut Is Voted Down By LabourIf you were offered a 3% cut in Council Tax, a 25% cut in car parking charges plus measures to improve street cleaning give a much needed boost to town centre shops why would you opt for no change to Council Tax, no change to car park charges and no change for town centres or street cleaning?

Conservatives Propose Slashing Council Tax by 3%

Leader of the Conservative Group Cllr Des O’Brien has announced the flagship proposal in the Shadow Budget – to slash Council Tax by 3%. Cllr Des O’Brien (Conservative, Bulkington) said: “Every single part of our Shadow Budget has been about putting more money back into the hands of the residents of this Borough. By looking carefully at every single area and producing a signed-off and balanced budget, we have reduced market rates, increased aid to the voluntary sector, increased town centres entertainment, introduced a scheme for community groups to bid for funding and slashed car-parking charges. Finally, we are going to slash the Council Tax by 3%.”

Conservatives Slash Car-Parking Charges by up to 25%

Cllr Des O’Brien, Leader of the Conservative Group, has announced a major plank of the Conservative Shadow Budget by proposing to slash the cost of car-parking in our town centres by up to 25%. Cllr Des O’Brien (Conservative, Bulkington) said: 

Conservative Shadow Budget Fighting Grime in our Borough

Cllr Kristofer Wilson, Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group and Shadow Health and Environment Portfolio Holder, has unveiled another aspect of the Conservative Shadow Budget in the run-up to Budget Day – stepping up the fight against grime in our Borough. Cllr Kristofer Wilson (Conservative, Whitestone) said: 

Conservative Shadow Budget Invests £150,000 in the Community

Leader of the Conservative Group Cllr Des O’Brien has unveiled the latest item in the Shadow Budget in the run-up to Budget Night on 22 February 2012 by announcing that the Conservatives will invest in a new£150,000 Community Funding Scheme.Cllr Des O’Brien (Conservative, Bulkington) said:

Conservatives Increase Funding to Voluntary Sector Bodies

Cllr Des O’Brien (Conservative, Bulkington) said:“At last years budget the controlling Labour Group slashed support to voluntary sector bodies such as the CAB by 10% at a time when their services are needed more than ever. In our Shadow Budget this year we are proposing to increase the support that we provide by investing a further£20,000 into voluntary sector aid.”