New Depot Delays Cost Millions

Costs for the new council depot in Bermuda have spiralled out of control and have been approved with no reference to Council.


Warwickshire Conservatives flying squad in Attleborough Nuneaton

The Warwickshire Conservatives flying squad visited Attleborough in Nuneaton today to campaign for Andy Sargeant our candidate for the county elections in May 2017.

The day was a success with a great turnout and 2000 leaflets delivered.

Conservatives Back Businesses in Borough

Opposition Conservatives at the Town Hall propose to pursue Business Improvement Districts for Nuneaton and Bedworth but Labour refuse to act.


Conservative Vision for Borough Launched

Opposition Conservatives have released their manifesto for the upcoming local elections in May 2016 to offer an alternative to the present Labour administration at the Town Hall.

Council Tax Freeze Under Conservatives at Town Hall

Releasing more of the Conservative Shadow Budget prior to Full Council on Wednesday 17 February, it has been revealed that the Conservatives would freeze Council Tax and reverse cuts to the popular Play Rangers Scheme.