Threat of Further Development in Whitestone Opposed

Many residents who live on Lutterworth Road and Chetwynd Drive have contacted their local councillors, Kris Wilson and Julian Gutteridge, to express their concern about the potential for development on land behind them, following testing being conducted by land owners in preparation for submission for planning.


Cllr Kris Wilson, Whitestone Ward Councillor, said:


"For a number of months now, tests have been conducted on land behind Lutterworth Road and Chetwynd Drive by landowners wanting to put forward their land for building up to 2,000 houses. These tests have increased and caused concern for those living in the affected areas.


"I want to be absolutely clear to both the developers and residents alike - as local ward councillors we will oppose vigorously any attempts to build on this land. Existing proposed developments in Bulkington and on Golf Drive are highlighting the existing schools, GP and road infrastructure. Any development on these sites will increase the problems that we already face in our community and we will fight any development here every step of the way."


At the recent Borough Plan inspection hearings, developers were putting forward a case to the Inspector that more sites should be released for housing by the Council for housing. They were all telling the Inspector that around an additional 2,000 houses should be brought forward to meet their 'expected' housing need.


Cllr Julian Gutteridge, Whitestone Ward Councillor, said:


"The reality is that recent Government documents have shown that Nuneaton and Bedworth actually needs less housing than what the Labour Council are saying. Despite this, there are serious concerns that the Council and developers will seek to amend the Borough Plan to include land behind Chetwynd Drive for further building.


"We have heard that the owners of the land behind Chetwynd Drive were trying to seek to put forward at the recent inspection their land as being suitable for development. As a local resident and councillor I know that any development on this land will be absolutely unsuitable for the area and add further congestion and madness to our roads."


Cllr Wilson concluded:


"The key message that we want to give to local residents across Whitestone is this. We stand with you in opposing any attempts to build further housing on this land and we will resist any attempts for planning on this site. Whilst this Labour Council is not on the side of local Whitestone residents, your local Conservative councillors are."