Marcus secures urgent meeting with Minister on Illegal Traveller Encampments

"Yesterday I met the Housing and Planning Minister, Kit Malthouse who is undertaking a review of the law relating to illegal encampments.

"We discussed the powers already available, and the opportunity for areas to secure injunctions to protect public land, as they have recently done in Rugby.

"In the spring a consultation was undertaken, which I responded to and advocated that we move to a system, like in Ireland where illegal encampments are a criminal rather than a civil offence. There were 2,000 responses to this consultation, since I have been surprised to learn that Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council did not submit their own response.

"The Minister is now working on a response to the consultation, and my meeting was an opportunity explain the terrible summer residents in Nuneaton and Arley have experienced at the hands of illegal encampments, the Minister was sympathetic to our situation. He also explained that the Communities Secretary has recently visited Ireland to see how the changes they made to the law work.

"I will continue to advocate for change, but changing laws takes time. I still firmly believe, as I have said for 3 years, that the first step should be an injunction to help protect sites in our area. Let's hope that now happens."