Leaked documents raise concern over Unite influence in North Warwickshire and Nuneaton Labour Party selections

An explosive internal Unite political report has been leaked showing that the union is offering ‘uniformed’ ground troops and cash to Labour but only if Unite candidates are selected. The leaked document also shows that local Labour candidates in North Warwickshire & Bedworth and in Nuneaton are Unite choices. 

The document names recently selected Mike O’Brien in North Warwickshire, who was previously defeated in 2010, as well as Miriam O’Reilly in Nuneaton. A stark contrast to the democratic open primaries which were used to select local Conservative MP’s Dan Byles and Marcus Jones. Residents across Nuneaton & North Warwickshire will be alarmed at the process that has taken place by the local Labour Party and will want answers to the controversy the Unite document highlights.

The Union’s document is sure to cause embarrassment for the Labour Party; it is the latest story to break suggesting Ed Miliband’s weakness in the face of Unite’s aggressive takeover of his party. 

It reveals the full extent of The leaked report, shown only to Unite’s senior Executive Council last month, shows the mega-union has been running a “furious” operation to fix up to 41 Labour candidate selections in marginal seats. This number is “growing”, it says.

This news comes after Ed Miliband admitted yesterday that his bankroller Unite have signed up almost 500 new Labour party members, in a possible to bid influence MP selection votes. The leaked memo even states that following Unite’s “vilifaction” over Falkirk, the union has intervened “at a high level” in the Labour Party to smooth things over. Unite will now offer a “significant” bribe of cash and activist support, if their candidates are selected for Labour, it states.

Conservative Party Chairman Grant Shapps said: “By letting Unite push him around, Ed Miliband shows that he can’t take the tough decisions that Britain needs – he won’t deal with the deficit, fix our broken welfare system or stand up for Britain.  The only person he will stand up for is Len McCluskey. And it’s hardworking people who would pay the price.”

The top secret Unite report, presented in June 2013 by then Political Director of Unite Steve Hart, boasts that fixing Labour selections has “dominated” the union’s political efforts. 

On Tuesday, Labour put out a rushed statement saying that just 14 of their constituencies are in “special measures”. But the Unite dossier names a secret list of up to 41 Unite-backed candidates, who are being quietly parachuted into Labour selections. Where selections have already taken place, more than half of Unite’s candidates have been successful. The leaked report is brazen about Unite’s success. (“What follows is a list of candidates we have been supporting in different ways. I am pleased to report that the first on the list, Vicky Foxcroft, was successfully selected, winning over 50% in the first round of balloting in the “safe seat” of Lewisham Deptford.”)

As part of the quid-pro-quo with Labour over selections, Unite plan to mobilise trained armies of up to 2,750 trade unionists in each marginal constituency. In the selection-for-support deal, Unite will provide uniforms for Labour’s troops, who will be forced into US-style “competition” with each other. 

Worryingly, Hart hints that Unite have even more toxic plans, so damaging they cannot be written down. He insists Unite’s Political Department cannot give a “detailed written report”, because of the risk of being “quoted in the press”.