Labour’s financial mismanagement leaves residents paying the price - with their green bins

Conservatives have slammed the local Labour-run Council for its poor financial management, which is leaving residents paying the price – with their green bin collections.

Decades of waste have lead the Labour group to decide to introduce a £40 charge for the collection of green waste leaving hard-working families either paying one of the most expensive bin collection charges in Warwickshire and neighbouring Hinckley and Bosworth, on top of one of the highest average council tax rates.

This move will hit the poorest and those on the fixed incomes, such as pensioners, the most, as Labour seem insistent on charging the entire sum up-front with no option of paying by instalment or concessionary rates.

Commenting, Cllr Clare Golby, Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group said: “In the past two years, Labour have wasted £1mil in lost car park revenue thanks to their charging hikes, and their £1 rent deal with Poundland. Add to this the Gresham Road depot disaster, the climbing wall fiasco and other waste you can see where taxpayers’ money is going.

“Had Labour not wasted over £3mil in recent years, our green bin collections could be safe now. People were misled by Labour at the last election with their supposed intentions for keeping the first green bin free of charge, and are quite rightly feeling very angry about this.

“Despite what Labour say, the Poundland deal hasn’t brought shoppers back to our town centre either. I’d have preferred to see a new large anchor store with a £1 rent, something to draw people back to our town centre and increase parking income, instead we end up with a duplicate of something we already have and it’s cost us half a million pounds.”