Labour must learn lessons from Gresham Road shambles for temporary accommodation project

Following an announcement that Labour are seeking to spend a quarter of a million pounds converting a building to temporary accommodation Shadow Portfolio Holder for Housing, Health and Communities, Cllr Richard Smith (Bulkington), urges lessons to be learned from the Gresham Road overspend shambles.

Conservatives on Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council have welcomed the decision to add to the local housing stock with the conversion of the Council’s Bedworth Area Office to an eight room temporary accommodation unit for those in need. Increasing and improving the social housing stock was one of the key cornerstones of the Conservatives’ local election manifesto in the 2018 local elections, pledging an additional 333 council houses with 100 being lived in within the first three years. 

Cllr Richard Smith (Bulkington), Shadow Portfolio Holder for Housing, Health and Communities, said:

“Whilst the residents of Nuneaton and Bedworth welcome extra housing provision for homeless people, they rightly have concerns about Labour’s ability to manage a large-scale project.

“Labour have committed to a quarter of a million pound project without showing any signs of having learned lessons from the shambolic Gresham Road depot project where costs overran by £1.6 million and the cost is still rising. At a time when scrutiny committees have been cut, and lessons needing to be learned, they have also failed to provide adequate information for scrutiny – having given just a three page report for a quarter of a million pound project!

“The overwhelming majority of Nuneaton and Bedworth residents do not want Labour running our Town Hall, and 51% want to see a Conservative administration in charge to provide financial stability to large scale projects such as this. With Labour’s financial failings time and time again, it is no wonder residents of our Borough do not trust them to deliver a major project on time and on budget.”