Councillors team-up to fight development which would tarmac Attleborough and Whitestone Green Belt

Local Councillors Kris Wilson, Julian Gutteridge and Andy Sargeant have teamed up to fight a proposed development which would deprive residents of Attleborough and Whitestone access to popular and much-used, Green Belt.  

The proposed development, which could see nearly 500 new houses built on Green Belt land between Chetwynd Drive, and Chetwynd School, would be wholly unsuitable and unsustainable. The land and proposal also sits outside of the draft Borough Plan, the document which lays out the Council’s desired development locations, which is currently being considered by the Planning Inspector.

Commenting on the proposals Cllr Kris Wilson (Whitestone) said: “The promoter is being disingenuous by suggesting that this land is within the Borough Plan framework. Let me be clear: it is not and nor should it be.”

“Labour's failure to produce a viable local plan, which has the support local residents, for nearly a decade Has left areas such as this vulnerable. This application is coming at this late stage to beat the approval of Labour’s Borough Plan.”

Cllr Julian Gutteridge (Whitestone) added: “Our roads, schools and health facilities in the local area are already stretched and the addition of nearly 500 new houses, without significant additional infrastructure would harm our local community.”

“If this application is approved, Whitestone would be taking 1100 houses with no new roads, schools or GPs.”

Cllr Andy Sargeant (Attleborough) concluded: “The Inspector, currently examining the draft Borough Plan, has been clear that he would not consider any land that was not included in the draft presented to him. Being Green Belt land, the Council need to ensure its protection for the generations to come.

“Local schools are already at full capacity, and it is chaos on the roads at school times. Once again, Labour show No plans to educate or children and grandchildren.”